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Networking, Advocacy and Collaboration

Networking, Advocacy and Collaboration
NARDA’s mandate is to empower member NGOs by strengthening their capacities to implement programs that effectively respond to the needs and aspiration of the Liberian people. Through capacity development, networking and information sharing, coordination, and collaboration with development partner organizations, the NARDA secretariat empowers its membership to promote national development and just peace – ensuring that umbrella members remain relevant actors partnering with communities to facilitate inclusive processes aimed at poverty reduction in Liberia is maintained.
At present, NARDA represents an umbrella of 98 Liberian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) operating throughout the country. The CSOs are organized into Sectoral Information Groups (SIGs) and County NGO Networks (CNNs), focusing on thematic areas such as agriculture, and food security, education and training, governance, peace, and democracy, health and sanitation. Advocacy, peace, empowerment of youth, and women are cross-cutting themes that cover each of the sectors.

As a founding member of the National Civil Society Council of Liberia (NCSCL), NARDA continues to widen the civil society landscape through networking and collaboration with all national civil society organizations across the country. The Civil Society Working Group on Land Reform, a thematic sector of the Liberian civil society platform, was the most visible and relevant advocacy platform during the campaign to pass into law the Liberian Land Rights Act. Currently, this platform is being used as the civil society’s advocacy arm for the implementation of this new land law.
Another international platform to which NARDA actively strengthens its networking, advocacy and collaboration, is the Civil Society Platform for Peace and State building (CSPPS), through national consultations. These National Consultations aim to bring together CSO stakeholders, relevant national and local government institutions, and international organizations to share experience and learning and identify practices useful to promote the national agenda of the SDGs operation in Liberia.
Finally, NARDA is a member of Partners for Democracy & Good Governance (PdG), a broad based coalition of Pro democracy, human rights and peace building organizations, whose quest for genuine democracy within the West African sub region, led to peacefully protesting against attempts unlawful third-term campaigns by two neighboring countries.
The following are reports and documents uploaded to this slide;
 Sectional reports from Civil Society Working Group on Land activities
 CSPPS – Reconciliation Conference Report
 Copy of PdG petitions to relevant multinational institutions