In May of 2008 the German Church Development Service (EED) together with partner organizations from the Liberian and Sierra Leonean Civil Society formed the “Civil Peace Service Mano River Network”. The network has been constituted to serve as a platform for information sharing, joint planning and capacity building for organizations that are partners in the German “Civil Peace Service” (CPS).

The CPS is a worldwide program to support peace and reconciliation in countries affected by war. The program is implemented through NGOs, such as the EED, and funded by the German Federal Government. CPS involves governmental and non-governmental agencies, religious affiliated and non-affiliated organizations.

In the Civil Peace Service, government and non-governmental agencies are working together to help prevent hatred

and violence and facilitate understanding. The aim of the CPS is to support measures by local partner organizations in crisis regions, which seek to prevent violent conflicts from erupting (crisis prevention), help strengthen peaceful conflict resolution (mitigating violence) and contribute – by developing structures to promote peace after conflicts – towards securing peace in the long term (peacebuilding).

The EED implements its Civil Peace Service programs through seconding professionals to its partner organizations in countries where it supports development work, thus, creating an integrated approach that mainstream peace in development work. In Liberia these partners have been involved in emergency relief, rehabilitation and development work for many years prior to, during and after the civil war.

The CPS Mano River network is coordinated jointly by a partner form Sierra Leone and a partner from Liberia, each representing the partners from the respective country. The Liberian coordination is facilitated by the New African Research Development Agency (NARDA).

Next to NARDA, the Liberian partners of the CPS Mano River Network are: The Christian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL) a network of church related health organizations involved also in peace building, trauma healing and literacy; the Liberian Council of Churches (LCC) a consortium of the main denominational churches in Liberia engaged in mediation, reconciliation, advocacy and peace building work; the Lutheran Development Service (LDS) a development NGO of the Lutheran Church of Liberia engaged in agriculture and community development work; and the Liberia Opportunities Industrialization Centers (LOIC) a national NGO involved in skills training and entrepreneurial development of community and youthful excombatants.

A full overview and contact information of the organizations that form part of the CPS Manor River can be found in Chapter 2 of this directory. If you want to learn more about the CPS, contact NARDAs coordinator for the program, Mr. Lancedell Mathews

Lancedell Mathews
Executive Director
Phone +231 (0) 77 020 338

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