The Pro-Poor Integrity Programme

Initiated by the international NGO “tiri”, the Pro-Poor Integrity (PPI) program works with CSOs and communitybased organizations (CBOs) to improve the prospects of meeting the MDGs locally and, by extension, nationally. The PPI seeks to strengthen the capacities of local civil society to gain sufficient and legitimate leverage on local state institutions to positively impact on the achievement of MDGs within their communities. Four essential services constitute the core of our activities. all four are areas that are needed to make faster progress towards the MDGs: education, health, water and sanitation, and social protection. To address identified governance failures in those essential services and in different local contexts, the programme will support training by local partner trainers, community based and internal organizational monitoring and joint working groups to strengthen the capabilities, responsiveness, and accountability of local institutions. This work will generate important empirical evidence linking governance changes with development outcomes. The PPI combines participatory civil society monitoring with an integrated approach to governance at the local level, strengthening state-society relations and working with the executive, the judiciary, and the legislative branches to understand the needs and wants of the local communities and how to improve integrity in service delivery. PPI is funded by the British Department of International Development (DFID). It is currently implemented in Afghanistan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza), Sierra Leone, and Uganda. NARDA is one of the local partner organizations focusing on health and education services in two Liberian counties: in Grand Bassa and Nimba. NARDA is produce case studies and reports on integrity in service delivery and development goals. The resulting data is producing empirical evidence on the actual value that can accrue from governance improvements for pro poor development. Tiri is an independent non-governmental organization that works with governments, business and civil society to find practical solutions to making integrity work. Improvements in integrity offer perhaps the single largest opportunity for sustainable and equitable development worldwide. If you want to learn more about the PPI please contact NARDAs resource person for the program, Ms. Eunice Dahn: NARDA Eunice Dahn Progam Associate Phone: +231 (0) 77 291 021 E Mail:

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