• P.O.Box 876 TTLB Building Carey Street Crown Hill,  Monrovia, Liberia
  • +(231) 777013630/886687779
  • Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm


  1. A letter of application for membership.
  2. Completed application form accompanied by:
  • A list of management staff and board members of the organization with their positions;
  • Location and address of organization;
    • A copy of the constitution and by-laws and present activities of the organization;
  • A duly processed copy of the organization’s Articles of incorporation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a copy of a letter of Accreditation or Certificate from the appropriate Government Authority to operate in the country; and
    • Recent copy of the organization’s Annual Report.
  1. Program objectives must be consistent with the overall economic and social

Development of the county

  1. The organization must have operated for at least two (2) calendar years.
  2. The organization must be a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit Entity.
  3. The organization must be dealing with the cause rather then the symptoms of


  1. The organization must as a matter of principle be open to those whom they serve by opening spaces for real participation in decision making regarding the planning and implementation of programs.
  1. The organization must ascribe to the development and promotion of gender in

its activities.

  1. The organization must have clear and realistic objectives which can be attained within the limits of the time and resources available to it.
  2. Registration fee of L$500.00 (payable upon acceptance).
  3. Annual membership due of US$100.00

These are currently being reviewed by the BOARD.


Our Mission is to empower member NGOs by strengthening their capacities to implement programs that effectively respond to the needs and aspiration of the Liberian people.

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Become a member

The following info is required




    1. Name of organization _____________________________________________________________
    2. Date of Establishment ____________________________________________________________
    3. Organization’s Address ___________________________________________________________

    Location _______________________________________________________________________

    Mailing Address _________________________________________________________________


    Email __________________________________________________________________________

    Cell # __________________________________________________________________________

    1. Is your organization national? _________________ If yes, what the mission of your organization?





    1. Who is the head/CEO of your organization? ___________________________________________

    Contact: Email address ____________________________ Cell # __________________________

    1. Does your organization have a Board? _________________ If yes, what is the size of your Board? __________ Male _________ Female ____________
    2. Do you have a legal status to operate in Liberia? Yes ___ No ___. If yes, which one: Accreditation __________ Article of Incorporation ________
    3. Is your organization part of any network? Yes ____ No ___. If yes, name of Network _______________________________________________________________ National _______ International ________
    4. Why does your organization want to become part of NARDA? ___________________________




    1. What is your program focus? ________________________________________________________


    1. Do you have donor(s)? Yes ___ No ___. If yes, name of donor(s) _____________________________


    1. Who are your target beneficiaries? ____________________________________________________
    2. What is your current intervention/activity? _____________________________________________

    Activity _______________________________ Where ____________________________________

    Activity _______________________________ Where ____________________________________

    Activity _______________________________ Where ____________________________________

    Activity _______________________________ Where ____________________________________



    1. Application date: ___________________________ Name _____________________________ Position ______________________________

    Signature: ____________________________